Usage and Attitude

The description of a consumer according to social and demographic, psycho-graphic, behavioral and personal characteristics is made based on the data collected during the research. In addition, the research determines the peculiarities of a consumer’s needs and motivations, as well as the specifics of consumers’ perception of a product/service/producer.

A company must be able to determine the most important demands and needs of consumers, and make every effort in order to satisfy these needs in the first place. It is important to know what circumstances make people purchase at certain moments, and what stimulates them during taking decisions to buy.


This research aims at:


 Determining the social and demographic profile of the target group
• Determining the customer behavior, that is  the factors influencing the choice of a purchase
• Establishing trade marks that are being consumed
• The analysis of the structure of consumption, adequate provision with goods, the tendencies of purchase demand
• Determining preferences in making purchases, entertaining
• Measuring the capacity of the market
• The segmentation of consumers, the selection of the target segments of the market according to categories


The methods which usually are used for studying consumer preferences – are the qualitative research methods (face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, psychological testing, in-depth interviews).

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