Market Review of juices and nectars 2012

11 January 2013
Today the market of juices and nectars of Uzbekistan is represented by more than 100 brands. With about 60% market share owned by two major producers.
According to the Retail Audit, in the first half of 2012 in terms of sales volume in the market were leading juice and nectar brand Bliss - 34%.
Second place went to "Sochnaya Dolina". The share of this brand has a tendency to decrease. Thus, in the beginning of the year, "iSochnaya Dolina" ranked fourth of the market (24.36%), and by May the figure was already 17.74%.
In third place is Dena (11,6% at the beginning of the year and 14.13% of the market by May 2012).
Fourth place is a growing market newcomer - Meva.
It should be noted that the conclusion of a new brand was perceived rather loyal customers, and just three months Meva market share in the actual volume increased from 2.4% in March to 7.21% in May. Perhaps, it is the highest growth rate.
It can be assumed, it is growing sales Dena and Meva influenced the reduction of the share Sochnaya Dolina.
On the 5th and 6th places are also the "growing" juices and nectars brands Dolche Fresh (6,45% in May) and Fruktovyi Sad (6.18 in May).
Looking through the dynamics of the market for months may be noted post foam decline of the following brands: PRO 100 SOK (from 3.36% at the beginning of the year to 1.78% in May) and Bonus (2,42% in January and 1.34% in May).
More information can be found in the journal Economic Review (№ 11 (156) of 2012).

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