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Very often we receive telephone calls and are asked: “We have found your agency in yellow pages. What are you specialized in? What can you offer?” or “We have come across  your site and interested…” There are cases when a client works with another agency and looking for alternatives or additional agencies. The problem is that all market agencies offer similar services and opportunities.   
In order to help you to understand the specifics of MOREINFO operation distinguished from our partners we present our key advantages. 
Thus, our advantages are:
 1. Specialization. Practical experience shows that diversification is not always indication of quality. Therefore, our Agency relies on the existing experience obtained in the course of long- term operation.   We can highlight the main areas where we have gained the most experience to become market leaders:  
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Foodstuff
  • Soft drinks
  • Bear
  • Dairy products
  • Tobacco goods
  • Chocolate goods
  • Baby food
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Household appliances
  • Mobile communications
  • Advertisement  monitoring/ advertisement effectiveness

We always look to the future and try to develop new trends. However, if our experience or knowledge in any research area is insufficient, we involve experts from other companies who guide us through the entire circle of the research.  

2.Complex approach.  The workforce of our agency is not only marketers and advertisement specialists. Our team includes experienced sociologists and psychologists. Therefore we can offer our clients comprehensive options of tasks solution. Throughout our operation we managed to experience both executer and client role. Thence we fully understand clients’ needs and it allows to facilitate mutual understanding.
3. Flexibility. Our mission is not only to present the final results of research. As a customer you will be given an opportunity to watch the research process (from a project development to field work).  We are always ready to cooperate on every stage of the project, take into account client’s feedback and perform variations.
4. Customized approach.  Every single research is unique no matter how similar they seem at the first sight.  On the basis of this principle we work out a unique methodology for every research taking into account all important factors. Such kind of approach allows our clients to obtain objective and reliable data.
5. Continuous growth.  MOREINFOalways moves forward.  Every day of work goes to our experience bank which allows us to be a leader in the market of research services.

Time and experience consolidated the advantages of our work as an essential part of our clients’ success.


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