16 October 2008
Beer Festival - 2008
“Beer without boundaries!” – was the motto of the third beer festival that was held on 11-12 of October in the “Bobur” park. National and foreign beer producers, such as “Sarbast plus”, “Samarkand Praga”, “Qibray”, “Baltika”, “Raupxon”, “Gambrinus” and other beer restaurants, pubs and beer snack producers took part in the event.
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20 April 2008
ESOMAR Conference Asia Pacific 2008
Because of its strategic location on the crossroad between Europe, Asia and Australia, Singapore turned into a large center of trade, communication and tourism. Nowadays Singapore is one of the centers of world culture with dynamically developing potential of ideas and possibilities.
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28 December 2007
The first specialized exhibition “Consult-Forum
The first specialized exhibition “Consult-Forum” took place on November 1-2, 2007. This event was organized with the support of BAS program.
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05 November 2007
“Consult-Forum” exhibition
The first specialized exhibition “Consult-Forum” took place on November 1-2, 2007.
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19 October 2007
The battle for customers in-store
Marketers employ a whole range of new ways to promote ....
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17 October 2007
iPhone sparked a boom of new mobiles
In 2008, the world can be sold 100 million mobile devices with a touch screen, which is gaining popularity among users due to its convenience and efficiency.
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19 September 2007
Among Toyota introduced the post "blogs reader"
Brands have their own blogs - has long been a rarity. This can and use it. . .
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01 September 2007
Coca-Cola: Implementation of the first redesign of the plastic bottle
The new form has emerged in the United States early next year to take over the rest of the world ...
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06 August 2007
Mobile marketing. . . What is this?
Everyone interprets the concept of mobile marketing in their own way. Why is around this definition there are so many different opinions? . . .
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02 February 2007
"Click" and deceive
Costs caused by "Click fraud", that is, fraudulent clicks on advertisements on the Internet, reached in 2005, at least $ 800 million This is the conclusion reached in the report of the research firm Outsell Inc.
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Results of our researches
Ownership rights for results of majority of conducted researches belong to our Clients, in addition to that,  in view of results confidentiality our agency does not have the right  to publish them in mass media, including Internet. Today MOREINFO marketing agency is planning to carry out its own researches that would be available for specialists and everyone in interest.
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