Among Toyota introduced the post "blogs reader"

19 September 2007
Brands have their own blogs - has long been a rarity. Stella Artois recently got his own artistic blog, which is more about the history of beer and beauty than about the beer, Google is a long time for a blog post all their news, and YouTube been reading plenty of consumer creativity at launch advertising service on the site.
There are many examples of bloggers collaboration with the brands with the release of new products - both successful and unsuccessful (as, for example, the last story with Microsoft, when bloggers first colorfully described the Launch of a new product, and then in response to the comments of users hanging out on the title-page ad two types: "I'm sorry, I wrote it for the money, I myself do not think so" and "I wrote it for the money, well, so what?"). But the profession of "reader blogs", in my opinion, no one has ever heard of. It turns out it is. At least, in the company of Toyota.
"Blog Readers» Toyota name is Bruce Ertmann. The official language is called "corporate manager for media sources created by consumers." Some of the duties included Ertmanna reading blogs, forums, personal websites dedicated brand or writing about it, view and add comments.
This unusual position in the Toyota came to "keep a finger on the pulse of the online-customer" and promptly react to it - according to statistics, more and more consumers to buy a car drop not only in the showroom, but also to the network - to consult, ask for advice. For the U.S., the number of users has already reached 90%, the online advice on time is very important.

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