Our favorites "guerrilla" projects

09 September 2013
Guerrilla marketing is a low-cost means of advertising and marketing to effectively promote your product or service, attract new customers and increase their profits Besides, you almost do not need to invest money in this kind of advertising. Given the relatively low cost of this method, guerrilla marketing is also called "low-budget marketing" or "low-cost marketing."
Guerrilla Marketing isn't  a new direction to the west. In our region, it has not yet received wide development. However, given the capacity and creativity of this method of marketing, we can safely assume that the future will put everything in its place.

In simple words the guerrilla marketing ia a viral advertising brother. This is the kind of advertising that want to show to friends. It's like the people that write about it in their diaries, sending each other on ICQ and e-mail. Advertising information for this perceived more as a leisure and a way to lighten the mood.
We offer you our favorites "guerrilla" projects:
The inscription on the plate: need a top Chop? Call me ... Hairdresser.
Quite a popular technique with the use of stickers, which are mounted on the door - slightly below eye. Promotion pizzeria «Papa Johns»
100% penetration in the audience made ​​the agency EURO RSCG, posting advertising anticaries mouthwash on the ceiling of dental clinics. The inscription on the ceiling: "You want to stare again at this dull ceiling?"
This Mini Cooper suspended on high-rise building and 2,500 watt spotlights, finishing the stratosphere = original ads, which have written many free media and many sites on the internet.
The inscription on the plate: Need a new barbecue? Call Vijay Sales at: 24216010/17
Manufacturer of glass for vehicles made ​​fun of car owners, posted up on their auto decal broken glass. The inscription on the card: "Open every day, even on April 1."

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