New green «Coca-Cola»

06 September 2013
In today's world of green packaging associated with such concepts as "healthy food", "natural ingredients", "ecological production". In turn, modern humans have a tendency of people to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy. Given this feature, the company Coca-Cola» released a new «Coca-Cola Life », which is marketed as a healthy alternative to the usual «Coca-Cola» and has a green label instead of red.
In the new «Coca-Cola Life» instead of the standard sugar is stevia extract - a natural sweetener. Whereby the energy value of the drink significantly decreased from 42 calories per 100 ml to 18. Such calorie even less than «Coca-Cola Diet» and «Coca-Cola Zero», which are used sweeteners.
However, without suspecting, the creators of the campaign in opposition to the new «Coca-Cola Life» classic drinks, using the word «Life» and green, signifying life. By simple logical reasoning conclusion that red means death.
By far «Coca-Cola Life» is available only in Argentina, but if this contradiction will be evident to consumers, green bottles «Coca Cola Life» may disappear from the shelves of stores Argentine, and the rest of the world does not try to novelty.

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