Who should be a marketer?

30 October 2011
altThe choice of profession is one of the key decisions taken by the person throughout life. Admission to the university, most students focused on the recommendations of relatives and friends, are on their feet, then planning to get a similar job. There are, of course, and those who randomly falls into a completely unfamiliar track and reach great success there. Have others who are having studied, for example by the philosopher or philologist, and then go to work construction worker, a loader, a cook, etc. Rapidly changing world makes one choose the scope that brings the real income.
However, the work - it's not just a source of income. In fact, the majority spends a third of his life, returning to her completely. Therefore, the work must be selected for the soul, bringing joy to the worker and job satisfaction. In the words of Al-Farabi in his "Treatise on the views of the inhabitants of the virtuous city," every citizen of the Righteous Cities should be given craft, one work, one function - "at the level of service or level of headship, outside of which a member of the society must not transgress." Critics of the doctrine commonly referred to as al-Farabi his utopian, but in fact it is quite ingenious speculation and scientific advice. One of them is precisely the right choice in their paths.
altIn this article, let's look at the profession marketer.
So, in general terms, marketing is a form of human activity, which aims to meet the needs and requirements of a person through the exchange.
Marketer - is a specialist, an employee of the company, the company, which is engaged in the analysis of demand for manufactured goods and goods markets. Thus, the essence of the work is to develop guidelines that will determine whether the appropriate issue and sale of certain goods or services.
Thanks to the rapidly evolving media production and scope to become a marketer virtually limitless. In the classic version marketer engaged in the study of tastes of buyers, product promotion, research, product demand, market assessment of specific goods and services, monitoring industry, the organization of the work of interviewers, data processing with the help of special computer programs, compiling reports with numbers and charts, comparative characteristics, making projections , development of recommendations.
As with any field of activity, marketing requires perseverance, stress resistance and creativity. In addition, the marketer useful qualities such as attentiveness, critical thinking, love to work with numbers, communication skills, result orientation, leadership, learning, and most importantly - liability.
Career Opportunities marketer is possible provided that the necessary personal qualities in any enterprise. In the future, the marketer can boost up the head of the marketing department, the deputy director of marketing or director of the company. It all depends on your effort and ambition.
If you have all the right qualities and determined to become a marketer, choose a university in one of the following areas: management, sociology, trading business.
Most importantly, remember that marketing is so broad field that place it there and creative, enthusiastic people and strict pedants. The main is to work not only for money, but also "for the soul."

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