Mystery Shopping teach salers to be the best

16 November 2012
Long gone are the days of the anxiety word "deficit." If the earlier purchase had rational character, but now in the age of the active growth of the industry offer surpassed demand.
High sales often are not always the result of proper quality. Much depends on advertising, the perception of the product by the consumer. In order to image attracted, lured and forced to buy copywriters, designers, marketers, PR spend years. Qualitatively prepared marketing strategy based on multiple cycles of research, can ensure long-term demand. However, that this demand is not falling, and continued to grow not only good enough advertising.
The manufacturer must keep in mind that ultimately the product sells a seller. And from that, what is the seller , depends the overall image of the product. Analyze, not once in a lifetime you had to deal with these louts that go back to the store you do not already have. Conversely, sometimes in a small shop so attentive and helpful seller, that would never look for another procurement. Even in the bazaar, "right vendors' try to sell you the best product to increase the chances that the next weekend you come back to him.
Practice shows that in a highly competitive win those retailers who provide services developed and carefully monitor their work at each stage. These companies recognize the need for continuous development and control of their salespeople - consultants. For sellers arranged special training courses with certification. With the introduction of new products, each of the vendors is subjected to additional training on the product. As a result  the buyer receive a minimum of 10 minute layout of the pros and cons of the product, not just dry information on the cost and methods of use.
The specifics of our region is such that large companies prefer to organize their own quality control services of their retail outlets. But recently, the company began to show more interest in Mystery Shopping. Direct control of the company can not fully disclose all the possibilities of this method. An independent agency ensures a versatile approach to the needs of the client, as well as the opportunity to consult and look at the situation from the other side. Agree, sometimes outside perspective draws a very different picture.
Do not take this method as a test in school. Mystery Shopping is more of a correction of mistakes, correcting that you can count on the "excellent" - in this case, the bonus from the company.
Mystery Shopping tones consultants. Sellers are becoming more attentive to the customers, are starting to offer additional services and support, thus realizing the principle of "the complexity of buying." The end result - increase in average check and revenue.
Our agency has rich experience in Mystery Shopping in retail trade, personal services, etc. Duration of the project is on average a week to a month. Please send us e-mai^l a brief description of your activities, objectives of the study and the approximate amount of work. We will promptly reply and offer you the best version of the study.

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