International Festival of Plov

30 March 2010
altA. Kahhar street wil be turned into a pedestrian zone, you will be in a family, food, cheer and teach various culinary wisdom. Holiday plov will last all day, and everyone will be able to participate in it.
As expected, the International Festival of plov gather not only the representatives of different schools of cooking plov from Uzbekistan, but also in other countries where plov is also a national dish.
People have long noticed that the Uzbek food - this is not just a cult, and the meaning of life. If the French, Japanese culinary perfection different external appearance of dishes, the Uzbek cuisine places emphasis on the exceptional taste. And no decorations.
 In Uzbekistan, the content is still more important than form, tastes best where external environment may even scare, and the menu is listed 2-3 dishes (such as Lagman, mampar and barbecue).
 Exactly plov is one of those dishes. In the well-known throughout Tashkent "Center pilaf" on Yunusabad on any day of a long queue wanting to taste "real Uzbek" plov.
 The real Uzbek plov has a bunch of secrets in the preparation technology. Generally plov - it is not just a traditional dish, but a ritual feast at any time. Plov should be prepared with clean hands and a pure soul and pure thoughts. Then he responds with gratitude and pleasure to present to the guests.
International Festival of plov is an important milestone in the cultural and tourism spheres of our national life. Many guests of our capital, including representatives from abroad, working in our country, expressed a desire to participate in this event, which emphasizes its unifying mission.
Come you too for this wonderful celebration of spring and like yourself the true traditions of Uzbek hospitality!


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