The ban on the sale of alcohol and tobacco

05 April 2012
 The ban is the result of the adoption of the Lawalt "On limiting distribution and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products." The document was adopted by the lower house of parliament June 27, 2011, approved by the Senate - 26 August 2011. According to him, the ban on the sale was to come into force six months after its publication, namely - April 7, 2012.
So, from that date on alcohol and tobacco products can not be sold to persons under the age of 20. In addition, these products are banned for sale in the trade facilities within a radius of less than five hundred meters from the educational, sporting and religious institutions.
According to the legislation  alcohol is any product of ethyl alcohol which is more than 1.5 percent, and tobacco - any product of tobacco or of tobacco substitutes.
alt  law also prohibits the sale of alcohol and tobacco products, which is released by the manufacturer, not having a license for its production, and is purchased from a supplier is not entitled to the supply of these products.
   Also, not allowed to sell these types of products without excise stamps (except beers), or with counterfeit tax stamps, with no clear markings that can identify the manufacturer. In addition, prohibited the sale of cigarettes, without packs or packaging.
  Recall that earlier in September 2010, was introduced by the forbidden any form of advertising of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages. And producers of alcoholic beverages banned the sweepstakes and lotteries and other activities to stimulate demand.
It is noteworthy that the prohibition does not apply to the venue of the wedding, anniversary and other celebrations and ceremonies.

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