Food Week Uzbekistan 2010

24 September 2010
Food industry is based on the processing of agricultural products, local production. In turn, agriculture in Uzbekistan pays great attention to increase the efficiency of the agrarian sector and introduction of modern equipment and technology, etc. These measures contribute to the further growth of export potential and international cooperation.
The reforms in the agricultural sector are based on the trend of public attention to food. This economic sector will never be out of date, these products are sold out like hot cakes. Of course, under the right conditions the key components: money.
altProducts and services presented in the exhibition:
• Drinks
• Dairy products and eggs
Edible oils and fats
Meat and poultry
Cereal and pulse products
• Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds
• Bread and pastries
Chocolate and sugars and sweeteners and confectionary products
• Seafood
Seasonings and preservatives
Food, beverages and tobacco
• Tobacco and smoking products and substitutes
Prepared and preserved foods
• Packaging
• Boxes, bags and packing bags
• Equipment for the treatment and conditioning of materials, equipment and spare parts for the equipment
  • altGreat interest in the exhibition attracted manufactured in Uzbekistan clean and high quality food, confectionery, meat, dairy and other products. These products are manufactured using modern technology is in great demand among customers for its quality and unique taste. It is noteworthy that Uzbekistan is one of the leading places in the world for the production of tomato paste and dried fruit. For fun, you can go in the summer in neighboring Kazakhstan and discover that you are in the market and is proud to offer a solid margin buy fruit imported from Uzbekistan.
    A separate section of the exhibition is devoted to agricultural machinery and equipment, and tools used in food processing, livestock, animal feed and agricultural chemistry.
    This time, the exhibition will feature products and services of different companies in more than twenty countries. Among them: Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Belarus, Hungary, India, China, South Korea, Latvia, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Greece.
    Become a tradition for the residents and visitors of our capital exhibition events contribute to the further development of the food industry and agriculture. Exhibitions provide vast opportunities to representatives of farmers, processing companies and food industry to familiarize yourself with each other and mutually beneficial agreements.

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