Nowruz - the celebration of the spring equinox

25 March 2013
Nowruz - the celebration of the spring equinox and the start of the new agricultural year.
Nowruz roots go back to Zoroastrianism. So, holiday voznikv pre-Islamic times as a celebration of spring.
In September 2009, Nowruz was included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and at the end of February 2010 64th session of the UN General Assembly declaredMarch 21 the International Day of Nowruz. 
Tradition of celebrating Nowruz persist over the long history of the holiday. So, in advance of the holiday is necessary to general cleaning in the house, or on the street. This year, Saturday (March 16) in each mahalla was devoted to preparing for the meeting of spring.
Residents of houses cleared stairwells, cleaned the surrounding area, treated trees, etc. Before sunrise on the eve of the holiday should have time to complete the preparatory work: cooking festive meals, room decoration, and of course cleaning.
Traditionally on Nowruz preparing plov- in Central Asia no holiday is complete without it. But the main on the table will Halim and sumalak. Cooking these foods long and laborious process. Start to cook in the evening and goes on it all night, prior Navruz. Cooking Sumalak involved only women, Halim - men. These dishes are very good for health, as rich in vitamins and amino acids.
altFor preparing a huge pot Sumalak gather all the women take turns continuously stirring the dish is not burnt. The next morning, when sumalak ready to hand out to all who participated in the preparation of meals. Then, these people are treated with bowls Sumalak their friends and relatives.
On Nowruz decided to visit the sick and the lonely, give alms. Be sure to be a holiday to pay off all debts. Because Nowruz is also a symbol of the New Year, do not take bad memories, bad feelings and commitments.
Indeed, Nowruz effect on people refreshing way: people are good and bright, each intuitively drawn to nature, looking into every blade of grass, blossoming trees, insects awake. Folk festival in the day create the necessary atmosphere of love and warmth to help enter into the New Year with a spring clean soul and thoughts.
In truth, the Magic Spring Festival!

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