The openning of Palace of International Forums "Uzbekistan".

05 September 2009
altThe design of this snow-white building was designed as a place of congresses, conferences and other events. Design interior and exterior of the Palace of International Forums engaged German company Ippolito Fleitz Group.alt
Feature of the design of the facade and interior of the Palace of International Forums is that it has retained the classic exterior elements, while visitors are surprised at the modern large glass facade.
Classic design is the colonnade and the tie-in oriental style and image of the Sun. This design follows the pattern of the heavenly body at Dor Madrasah in Samarkand.
Login to the snow-white building offers long staircase of black marble, and green area with flower beds, trees, fountains and walkways complements the splendor of this magnificent building height of 48 meters. In the center of the dome of the Palace installed the sculpture of the storks, symbolizing peace and happiness.

  Palace Forum consists of six main areas: the foyer, auditorium, VIP-hall, a banquet hall, a conference room and a restaurant.
  The palace will be the main forum venue for major events, including in the framework of international organizations, which include Uzbekistan.

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