March 8 - International Women's Day

08 March 2013
Begins March 8, which most people associate with flowers, chocolates and gifts intended for relatives of women. This was not always the case. Let's briefly delve into the history and learn about the origins of this holiday.
altCelebrations in honor of the beloved women celebrated in ancient Rome. Thus, the Romans existed day in which husbands gave gifts and surrounded care of their wives. Even women who are in captivity receive gifts on this day. And, established a tradition, no one in this holiday did not work.
Historically, March 8 symbolizes the struggle of women for their rights. In this age of the majority of women has reached a level of independence that can not imagine that once women had the right to vote and for the same work were paid less than men in times.alt
March 8, 1857 workers of textile factories in New York staged a protest demonstration and marched through the streets, shouting slogans against the low wages and poor working conditions. Half a century after the first march in 1908 was a new presentation of women. The reason for this performance were: poor working conditions, child labor, and the lack of women's right to vote.
Later in 1909, the Socialist Party USA announced last Sunday in February by the National Women's Day. This festival is celebrated every year until 1913.
At the same time, the International Women's Conference in Copenhagen in 1910, Clara Zetkin proposed an International Women's Day on 8 March in memory of the first women's protest in 1857. And in the 1911 Women's Day was celebrated in several countries in Europe. Later in 1927 the Communist II Women's Conference has decided to celebrate the International Day is on March 8.
Under Soviet rule until 1965 on March 8 was considered a national holiday, but not a day off. However, since 1966 this day was not only a holiday, but the weekends.
International Women's Day on 8 March, the UN has been held since 1975, in connection with the International Women's Year. In 1977, the General Assembly invited Member States, in accordance with their traditions and customs, declare any day of this year's Day for Women's Rights. This decision was made in connection with the International Women's Year, as well as the International Decade for Women (1976-1985).
At present, this day is celebrated in many countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, China, Yugoslavia, Romania, Russia, Moldova, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, and Belarus. In Uzbekistan, March 8 is entitled "Mother's Day".

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