Butter - Margarine, Spread. The choice is yours.

19 February 2013
altThe desire for an active and fulfilling life leads people to conscious approach to food choices. Spreads, as an improved version of the replacement of butter, have long conquered the western market.
Day by day, spreads become more popular product in our diet. However, some people still do not trust spreads, relating them to the category of harmful products. In order to understand what is the spread, let's analyze what is a real butter and a margarine.
Butter is a food of animal origin, which has a high percentage of milk fat (50 to 82%). Despite the fact that butter is a natural product that contains valuable biological and taste, it is also a significant source of cholesterol and has a high calorific value.
Margarine is made from a mixture of animal and vegetable fats, undergo a process of hydrogenation to liquid vegetable oils become solid. Hydrogenation can form alien to the human body trans-fatty acids (40%).  This leads to higher levels of cholesterol and cause different disease.
Spread is a soft spotting a product that is made from natural vegetable oils with or without the addition of milk fat.
In English, the word "spread" means any food that is easy spotting consistency: jam, honey, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.
Unlike butter, in the spreads along with the milk fat with natural or hydrogenated vegetable oils in various proportions. In comparison with margarine, spread has a plastic, easily spotting consistency.
Spreads are two types: "creamy vegetable" and "vegetable-cream." In the first part of the vegetable fat milk prevail, and in the second the opposite: less milk fat, vegetable - more.
The benefits of spread is the fact that in contrast to butter their low fat and less calories. In addition, they contains almost no bad cholesterol, which is in excess of margarine. Many manufacturers add ti spreads a variety of useful supplements and vitamins, making them not only delicious, but also useful.
Do not be afraid to buy spreads, incorrectly believing that they are derivatives of margarine. In fact, the spread is the golden mean between butter and margarine. This product meets the spirit of the time: it is versatile and useful.If you care about your health, just the label carefully study the spread (the product) and give preference to spread with a low fat content, and the addition of polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega - 6 and vitamins A, D3 and E.

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