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01 February 2013
altNowadays, having a desire and a some money, you can buy snacks in every store and get a great opportunity to eat and quickly satisfy hunger.
The appeal of snacks is a result of their creation. Because snacks are designed to ensure that we can get pleasure from the taste. Important role it plays in the package.
Snack market is one of the most diverse. Conventionally, snacks can be divided into 2 types: savory and sweet. To savory include the traditional snacks to beer: salty chips, fish, crackers, nuts, seeds. Sweet snacks are favorite treats: dried fruits and nuts in a sweet glaze, popcorn, various chocolate wafer bars, etc.
altChips are of course one of the most popular snack around the world. Now chips are not just potatoes, fried in butter and seasoned with salt, this is a big industry with a variety of manufacturing technology. Traditional fried potato chips quickly replenish spent energy, but are high calorie too. With the popularization of healthy lifestyle aemerged lternative : extruders (chips made ​​from different flour by blowing), as well as fruit and cereal chips. They are less caloric and retain nutrients.
Along with chips, in our region are popular the seeds and croutons. Even today, you can meet a street hawker that sells seeds  in loose - glasses. At the same time, today in any store you can buy the seeds in individual packaging. This allowed the Seeds on a par with the most popular snacks - potato chips and crackers.
 Beneficial properties of croutons are well know. Croutons are rich in fiber, they contain such needed by the human body trace elements like iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, but not all croutons are equally useful. Packaged crackers contain a lot of harmful preservatives and flavorings. Therefore it is recommended to consume them in reasonable quantities.
It is important to make sure that children, among which crackers and chips are the most popular, use it only as a supplement to the basic diet.
Snacks - an essential product in the event of unforeseen circumstances: delays at work, or in cases where there can not eat normally for a long time. At the same time, try to choose for a snack more healthy snacks, such as dried fruits, nuts, cereals, etc.
No matter how tasty and delectable are snacks, do not give up wholesome food in their favor. Especially, if you are worried about your own shapes and health. Because without noticing you can absorb a lot of them.

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