Energy drinks - spirits and fun ... in debt.

29 January 2013
altThe main ingredients of energy drinks are tonic substances usually caffeine and other stimulants: taurine, theobromine and theophylline, as well as vitamins, carbohydrates (glucose, sucrose) - as an easily digestible source of energy, etc.

Energy drinks have a tonic effect, increases the reaction rate, stamina, improve mood, increase efficiency. But how is this achieved? It is enough to read the label and it is clear that the energy drink does not contain any energy. It is only the catalyst of energy release, which the body stores for a "rainy day."
Despite the claims that the ingredients of "power" does not have a strong impact on the human body that can be harmful to health, there is evidence to the contrary. Young people are dying of heart attacks or the bleeding in internal organs caused by an overdose of energy drinks.

Some countries are considering the link between deaths and energy drinks. Thus, the National Commission on Food Control in Sweden investigates the death of three persons, consuming energy drinks. A basketball player in Ireland Ross Cooney died right on the court during a match. A few hours before, he drank a few cans of drink.
 Energy drinks are prohibited for sale in shops in France, Denmark and Norway. "Power" is realized only in pharmacies, relating them to the category of drugs. In France, these drinks have been completely banned, while in Germany there is a ban on their production.

In any case, to drink or not to drink energy drinks, everyone decides for himself. In this case, all should be a measure of common sense.

1. Medical restriction on the use of energy - not more than one container per day, and then with a strong need.

2. It is not recommended to mix energy drinks with alcohol, as these two substances give the opposite effect. Energetic - accelerates the nervous system, alcohol slows down. Moreover, substances contained in those drinks enhance toxic effects of alcohol on the body.

3. People who have problems with blood pressure or heart, is to consume "energy" with special care or abandon them entirely.

4. Energy drinks are absolutely contraindicated for pregnant women, children and young, people over 50 years, as well as those who suffer from any chronic illness.

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