Stop smoking easier today than tomorrow. (Folk wisdom)

25 January 2013
The main reasons for smoking are the following: alt
  • The ability to become an adult, look respectable, change yourself,
  • The way to reduce stress,
  • The belief that smoking is fashionable.
  • Attempting to stabilize or to lose weight, etc.

Whatever the underlying cause, eventually joined it and physical dependence. That is why, to persuade smokers to stop getting challenging.
The government, led by the Ministry of Health is in the fight against smoking fulfill their niche - legislatively secured a ban on advertising, placing warnings on cigarette packs, restrictions on the sale, the ban on smoking, etc.

altOn September 18, 2010 in Uzbekistan was a complete ban on any form of advertising of tobacco products and alcohol. The reason for this was the signing by President Islam Karimov appropriate changes and amendments to the law "On Advertising". In accordance with the Act was introduced "a comprehensive ban on advertising in all forms of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages of any strength, including beer."

Many smokers claim that restrictions on smoking an act that violates their rights. In the case, they do not talk about a harm is caused ti others. Scientifically proven that smoke affects not only the active but also passive smokers. I.e. those who inhale tobacco smoke, being around a smoker. Moreover, tobacco smoke affects non-smokers are much stronger than the smoker. Write about all the poisonous action of cigarettes too much. Say about the facts: every cigarette you smoke takes over 5 minutes of life, reducing the life expectancy of the average smoker of 15 years. 

The ban on smoking in public places in European countries showed a high altefficiency. For example, in Italy for a few years to 30% reduced the number of heart attacks. In Portugal, a year after the introduction of the law of the number of smokers has decreased by 5 percent.

Since April 2012, the Uzbekistan came Law "on the restriction of distribution and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products" governing the restrictions on the sale, consumption and advertising of tobacco products.
The law obliges manufacturers to place health warnings on tobacco products, which occupies at least 40% of the main area of ​​the front and rear.

Article 13 of the Act prohibits the sale of tobacco products to persons trafficked cities within less than 500 meters from educational, sports, and religious institutions, as well as to persons under 20 - years of age. It is noteworthy that the sale of single cigarettes, no packs (packages) are not admissible.

In support of complex legal, economic, social and other measures aimed at protecting the health of citizens from January 1, 2013 in Uzbekistan increased the excise tax on manufactured in the Republic of alcohol, alcohol, beer, and tobacco products. According to the decree, the excise tax on cigarettes with filter and without increased by 25% - up to 13.424 thousand soums and 6.479 thousandsoums per 1000 units respectively.

altStudies have shown that tobacco smoking by means of propaganda is not effective. The solution to this problem requires a long-term and strenuous effort and cost to the national health care organizations and other public and private organizations.
  Experience of tobacco control in the world reflects the tendency to tighten restrictions on smoking in public places, including a full ban. Maybe one day, tobacco control will be of a promotional, but not prohibitive.

Be that as it may, human health is a reflection of his responsibility for his life. Smoking or quit - can be solved only by the man himself.

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