We drink it at home and at work. Without it, our life would have a lot of pleasant moments.

14 January 2013
It has long been taken to meet the guests with a cup of tea. So is the custom, even if a guest - a stranger who comes to the house for the first time, the host always offer him quench his thirst by drinking tea.

Maybe someone would think that ice tea - not peculiar habits for our region. But it is not. What can be better, than a cool green tea in hot weather? Earlier, when there were no refrigerators, brewed tea cooled in running water in the yard. It perfectly quenches thirst in hot season.

Recently, the market of Uzbekistan can choose ice tea from a wide range represented brands. Each sign of ice tea in a bottle or jar, which you can buy at the store. Ice tea is growing in popularity, many people choose it as an alternative to
other soft drinks. In addition, consumers prefer ice tea, believing it more natural and healthy.
Ice tea can also be prepared at home. We offer you a few simple recipes.
Lemon Ice tea:
50 g of lemon juice and 20 grams of sugar to put in a cup, pour the strong tea. Strongly cooled, you can put the pieces of ice. If desired, you can substitute lemon juice to any other citrus.
Raspberry Ice tea:
30 g of raspberry jam, and 20 g of milk to put in a glass, pour a strong unsweetened tea. Cool. Instead of raspberry jam, you can also take any jam of your choice (strawberry, cherry, apricot, currant, etc.).

Honey Ice tea:
30 g of honey  and 30 g of milk pour strong tea without sugar. Strongly cooled. If you do not like tea with milk be deleted

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