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11 January 2013
Today analysis of the market of certain products can not be separated from the kinds of marketing research. Every company that produces consumer goods, is facing the challenge of finding information about the market in general, and about their competitors. Companies that do not use in their work this information may not be appropriate environmental conditions.
One of the main sources of such information for most companies, keeping up with the times, is the audit of retail (Retail Audit).
In the most general terms, Retail Audit - is a group of methods of marketing research, which are monitoring the various parameters of goods (range, price, presentation, sales, availability of promotional materials and so on.) Presented in retail outlets.
Usually, studies on Retail Audit conducted on a regular basis, ie periodically (monthly, quarterly). Regularity reveals sales dynamics and the dynamics of the competitive environment.

 Retail Audit can accomplish the following:
• Determine the size of the market.
• Identify the structure of distribution.
• Identify the dynamics and structure of the study tsenv product group.
• Identify the leading brands in the market, and properly position your product.
• Determine advertising and PR-aktivnostkonkurentov in TT.
• Identify the structure of the market for different product parameters (eg, type of packaging, weight, strength, size and so on.).
• To understand the mechanism sezonnostiteh certain goods.
• Understand the effectiveness of merchandising trade object.
• And many other tasks at the request of the customer.

The beauty of Retail Audit is to analyze the possibilities and combinations of seemingly simple data (prices, sales, sales channels, and so on.).

As in any form of research, an Retail Audit  trade has its own characteristics. They need to be taken into account when planning such an investigation.

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