Geo-Informational Systems


GIS was developed by MOREINFO mainly for marketing and social research. Since it covers geographical maps, samples representing the entire country and particular cities. Even more, it allows to analyze trends of association between different phenomena, which otherwise can not be presented in the table.


GIS is designed to achieve the following objectives:


Ø       To measure distance and square,

Ø       To develop the best route,

Ø       To solve problems of logistics,

Ø       To arrange retail census on the base of product category,

Ø       To assess transport flows,

Ø        Disposition of the outdoor advertising,

Ø       To assess target audience of the outdoor advertising,

Ø       To develop density population maps,

Ø       To evaluate stock conditions,

Ø       To identify products' presence,

Ø       To expand databases,

Ø       To analyze promotion campaigns, etc


Nowadays MOREINFO marketing agency develops Geo-Informational systems:

• For retail networks (GIS for retail networks is devoted to companies that have large sales network or population services network);
• Distribution of
Tashkent population by different psychical-demographic criteria;

• Transport streams of Tashkent city.


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