Recall Research

This kind of research is an essential part of the entire advertisement campaign. It is not possible to assess if the advertising campaign has achieved its objectives without reliable estimation of the effectiveness of promotional events.  More over the estimation enables to see the weak sides of the advertising campaign and make corrections. This research will help to know from the consumers what they think about advertising campaign, what information
The assessment of the effectiveness of advertising activities  answers the following questions:
  • To identify the sources of advertisement
  • To identify the level of achievement of your advertisement
  • To identify the power of influence of your advertisement
  • Which promotional events were more effective?
  • Which promotional events of your competitors’ were more effective?
  • Which commercial was liked by the customers most of all?
  • What the customers understood from the commercial?
  • How had the customers’ changed their attitude after conducting promotional events?
  • Testing of promo ideas, advertisement, logo, company symbols etc.
  • Estimation of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign – advertisement effectiveness, objectives achievement
MOREINFO recommends conducting the research in waves. For the full estimation it is suggested to make two (sample) probes – before and after the advertising campaign.  In the process of the estimation of the advertising campaign it is recommended to undertake both face-to-face interview and qualitative method (focus group). The practice of such combined methods allows to see the overall picture and reveal the latent sides.

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