The battle for customers in-store

19 October 2007


Now contribute to fragmentation have supermarkets.

Retailers and marketers, armed with new technologies, have turned into a media channel store itself and fight for control within its walls.

The fall of the effectiveness of advertising in print media and on TV has become particularly important for marketers to promote their products already on store shelves. The new mantra retailers - branded the process of shopping. Just go to Target or Kroger and see.

Even the most tired and inattentive buyer can not ignore the new marketing tools, which include speaking floors, hanging from the ceiling ads and motion sensors, illuminated shelves at his approach.

One of the latest achievements is the handheld device from Symbol Technologies (pictured). Portable Bag System is presented to the buyer at the entrance to the store. It can scan the price of any product by calculating the total amount of purchases, the display informs about discounts on nearby products and offers products that are complementary to those that have already been selected.

The device can upload a shopping list, sent customers through the Internet, and lets you know when ready to give to the press photos or order drugs. He is now being tested in six stores Stop & Shop and some shops Jewel in Chicago. Its mass application will be forthcoming in the summer.

Floorgraphics, a company specializing in the manufacture of floor coverings that promote certain brands, has introduced a new floor talking advertisement. Audio clip starts when the customer comes to a certain place.

Motion sensor from the company Crew Design activates the backlight being refrigerated bottles Mountain Dew, when there is a buyer. The device has passed the test last summer in a number of stores in the Southwest.

In the fight for the attention of buyers involved even ceilings, from which also flows advertising.

Things have gone so far that some supermarkets are beginning to reduce the amount of marketing information. "All of these devices, which are crammed with shops to attract customers' attention, become a marketing spam" - says consultant Kevin Kelly. "Retailers want to muffle the noise, but at the same time provide its own products and private labels."

Despite the differences between marketing and riteleyrami was never to forget that 70% of buying decisions made at the point of sale, and the In-Store advertising, promotions and competitions may significantly lengthen the check, says Dick Blatt, president of the Point-of-Purchase Advertising International.

"Retailers need better quality promotion system", - said Mr. Blatt. "They want the devices to their standards, so manufacturers of these devices are now working closely with the marketing agencies."

While many retailers are trying to limit advertising in-store, they realize that they are supported by the manufacturer promotions pushed up not only the advertised brands, but the entire product category.

Budgets, especially reserved for traditional advertising, are redistributed in favor of joint action with shops. Sometimes - and with national TV support.

In general, the supermarkets have stopped fighting price discounters such as Wal-Mart, and redirect its stores to provide a more comfortable shopping process, improving customer service and grouping products in certain areas (entertainment, health, etc.). Products with high profit margins are such that there is nothing left from the usual rows of shelves, and the place of sale is more like an island or an oasis.

"Supermarkets have traditionally been built in the image of stores, but now they are under redraws habits and consumer behavior," - says Mr. Kelly. "And In-Store promotion should follow the same logic, and not just try to shout to visitors."

"Promotion of becoming more brand-oriented. It is aimed at changing behavior and demonstrate the value of the goods to the buyer, not to attract low-cost, "- said Mr. Kramer. "It is safe to say that the in-store promotion was as important as ever. And marketers want to use every inch of space. "


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