iPhone sparked a boom of new mobiles

17 October 2007


In 2008, the world can be sold 100 million mobile devices with a touch screen, which is gaining popularity among users due to its convenience and efficiency.

This information was provided in the research agency ABI Research. Russian experts have noted that one of the determining factors in the rise in popularity of mobile phones with touch screens was cranking iPhone.

More than 100 million mobile devices with a touch screen can be sold in 2008, predicts research firm ABI Research. Currently, the most famous model with Touch Screen - this iPhone from Apple, LG Prada, HTC Touch, Ultra Smart F700 from Samsung, glofiish X500 from E-TEN, and the P990, M600 and W950 from Sony Ericsson. Analysts note that the sensor technology are gaining popularity, helping make phones more accessible and efficient.

According to ABI Research analyst Shailendra Pandy, in the past, many smartphones have suffered a commercial failure because their user interfaces were too complex and cumbersome for users. But that is changing. Most touchscreen devices are a class of smartphones and communicators, and allows quick access to various applications and services, which is beneficial to operators - thanks to generate more traffic and increase ARPU.

"The main advantage of the touch screen - the ability to create a user friendly interface, - said a senior analyst Json & Partners Sergei Savin. - Naturally, with this easy to edit text, graphics, and watch movies. But there are significant drawbacks: high consumption of energy, does not always work correctly. "

Director of the Russian office of E-TEN Information Systems Mikhail Fadeev said ideological disadvantage to using a pen (stylus). 'After all the standard interfaces of these devices is not ideologically ground under control of the fingers - he recalls. - Producers, of course, introduce additional frame applications that simplify the management of this kind, but it is only a basis, the first step. iPhone in this respect is very good example of a completely new implementation of the interface, which has in it the basis of telephone control finger. "

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