Mobile marketing. . . What is this?

06 August 2007

Ask anyone about what is mobile marketing, you will get many different answers - mobile advertising, mobile search, messaging, ringtones ...

Jawahar Kanilal, director of one of the units of Nokia in the Asia-Pacific region, believes that the main reason nerazbirihi around the concept of mobile marketing should be considered as the novelty of the phenomenon. All the representatives of the industry not define mobile marketing, from my own experience and impressions. Mobile marketing as such is still at a very early stage of development, and there are many different perspectives and approaches. "Mobile marketing offers a lot of options, up to krossmediynoy communication, but as the world does not see it," says Kanilal.
According Kanilala, mobile marketing - is primarily an individual approach. He believes that the mobile channel - "the first time that mediasredstvo individual becomes."
Sandy Agarwal, executive director of Enpocket, also agrees that mobile marketing means different things to different people. Interpretation of the concept depends on what part of the system is the man. For example, representatives of advertising agencies focus on solutions in the field of mobile advertising and mobile marketing concept is interpreted in terms of mobile advertising. According to Agarwal, "an important goal is to understand the means by which it is possible to use the mobile channel to build an effective personalized communication with the consumer."
Finally, Geoffrey Handley, director of one of the divisions of the company Hyperfactory, mobile application developers, believes that corporate leaders also have a hard time - they constantly meet with many representatives of the mobile industry, demonstrating their individual components or solutions and do not understand that the mobile channel should be part of overall marketing strategy. Handley sees mobile marketing as a way to use the mobile channel, it reflects the goals and objectives of the brand in establishing contact with the consumer. Decisions as to which specific tactics and mediasredstva use depend on knowledge of the target audience.
Three experts, three opinions - all of them in his own right. The definitions they may differ from one another, but one thing remains clear: mobile media strategy is unique as to the brand and to the consumer, to whom it is aimed. There is no standard approach, a standard way - just a variety of approaches, depending on the specific objectives of the brand.



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