ESOMAR Conference Asia Pacific 2008

20 April 2008

Asia Pacific 2008

Because of its strategic location on the crossroad between Europe, Asia and Australia, Singapore turned into a large center of trade, communication and tourism. Nowadays Singapore is one of the centers of world culture with dynamically developing potential of ideas and possibilities. 


The global balance of power and influence is shifting decisively to Asia Pacific. Forecasters suggest that within decades, the region will become the world’s dominant economic force and biggest market.
Asia Fast forward looks at the role of research in bringing this date closer and making these predictions a global reality.
Our 9th Asia Pacific Conference and exhibition hopes to capture the optimism, creativity and innovation rising from this vibrant region by providing a hub for inspiration, celebration, exchanging bright ideas and sharing best practice.

The opening of the Conference was graphic and musical, just in the Singapore’s traditional style.

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Representatives from 28 countries took part in the Asia Pacific 2008 Conference. Among them was our country, represented by the Director of the “MOREINFO” marketing agency, Ayjan Kasimbekova.  



The Conference started with the opening speech of Frits Spangenbergr, the president of ESOMAR.


 The Conference was sponsored by:

- Survey Sampling International
- Market Xcel Data Matrix Pvt. Ltd.

The participants in the Asia Pacific 2008 Conference:

- E-Tabs
- Pulse Group
- Cint
- Lightspeed Research
- AIP Corporation
- GMO Research Inc.
- Survey Sampling International
- Principles of Marketing Research Certificate Course
- Plenari
- GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.)
- NIPO Software
- Focus Vision Worldwide
- Efficience3
- Confirmit
- Tobii Technology
- Research Now
- Greenfield Online/Ciao Surveys

The participants in the Conference had opportunity to share their experience in the sphere of marketing research, enhance their knowledge & skills in applying instruments of both quantitative and qualitative researches, and also establish new business relations.

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