Beer Festival - 2008

16 October 2008
“Beer without boundaries!” — was the motto of the third beer festival that was held on 11-12 of October in the “Bobur” park. National and foreign beer producers, such as “Sarbast plus”, “Samarkand Praga”, “Qibray”, “Baltika”, “Raupxon”, “Gambrinus” and other beer restaurants, pubs and beer snack producers took part in the event.

One could see people of various ages, nationalities and social groups in the festival. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the festival was friendly and joyful.


The program of the beer festival included beer exhibition, a variety of contests and the main contests – “The Best Beer in 2008” and “The Best Beer Snack of The Year” in several nominations based on the results of general surveys.
Bright opening and closing ceremonies were held within the framework of the Beer Festival, as well as daily concert shows. The Sarbast company had the largest area with a scene, VIP-zone, slot machines and so on. The main prize was Chevrolet. 


At the Baltika’s stand it was also crowded and cheerfully. A variety of prizes were given away, and the main prize was a quad bike.
The nominations of the “The Best Beer in 2008” were:
- the best national beer
- the best imported beer
- the best sort of light beer
- the best sort of dark beer
- the best beer of the year
- the best people’s beer
- the best beer snack
- the best beer restaurant
- the best exhibition stand

The main alley of the “Bobur” park became the permanent place for holding the “Tashkent Beer Festival”.


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