Market evaluation

Market analysis is one of the key market research studies. Analysis of competitors’ activities allows to gain and hold one’s position in the market.   This kind of research is objective and vital in the conditions of high competition.
Market analysis and analysis of competitors’ activities helps to evaluate company potential in the market. This kind of research is essential in the case when you need to evaluate and predict market size, the potential of its growth and possible profit.
Market and competitors analysis will answer the following questions:
  • What is the total volume and value market size?
  • What are my competitors?
  • What are the prices of my competitors?
  • Is there any possibility to capture the major market share?
  • Is there any vacant niche in the market?
  • What kind of stimulation of retail and wholesale network are used by my competitors?
  • In what channels my brand is leading or lags behind?
  • What is the market trend?

The methods used for such kind research are Market Survey, Retail Audit, face-to- face interview with consumers, expert interview with retail and wholesale representatives.

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